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Connecting influencers to businesses securely.

Who We Are
We are an influencer marketplace, dedicated to connecting influencers to businesses/brands securely.

Create Social Relationship Assets With Top Influencers.
With our platform, you can easily search, find, contract, and pay influencers securely, all with simple clicks, and the ability to request refunds when project/contract terms are violated.

*Why Choose Us:
Cultivate long-term relationships with influencers providing contents for your market segment(s) and customer base(s).

*Search, Find and Compare unlimited influencers for FREE, without a monthly subscription.

*Transact with influencers with complete peace of mind, and guarantee of completed projects, or a refund applies.

*Complete all your influencer marketing requirements under one platform, by being able to search, find, contract and pay influencers securely.

*Use our comparison tools to focus on alignment, rather than follower numbers when selecting influencers.

*You are automatically eligible for a full refund, if you transact business unknowingly with an influencer with fake followers, or discover that your sponsored post was boosted with fake views, fake comments, etc.

*Finally avoid influencer scams and rip offs 100%.
Compare live prices instantly, and make better/informed decisions.

Types Of Available Brand Agreements With Influencers:
The types of agreements available on our platform can easily be viewed on all service/product pages. These agreements are automatically valid once you purchase a service/product from an influencer on our platform.

Available Brand Agreements includes:

*Influencer receives a flat fee for working with brand.

*Influencer receives products or services from brand for free.

*Brand compensates the influencer based on how the content performs.

*All influencers (vendors), create contents with brand’s oversight, as sponsored posts on their various social networking platforms available on their service/product pages. Influencers with the highest engagement rates as indicated in their Social Networks
*Statistics Panel, usually have their sponsored post create higher ROI’s for associated brands.

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