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Henry’s strength is attributed to high proficiency in Technology, Finance, Marketing & Business disciplines which he had to perfectly master as an Entrepreneur.

He has extreme unique creative edge/skills, intelligent optimism based on scientific methods, & rapid learning ability of difficult skills, where he acquires new skills within short time periods, while always giving full commitment to his assigned objectives & projects.




Henry’s tasks at Equ@tions INC. includes:

• Steer as Chief Researcher & Designer of Start-ups.

• Direct as Chief Programmer & Developer of Web Contents, Mobile Apps, and Artificial Intelligent products.

• Operate roles pertinent to: Digital Marketing | Copywriting | Graphic Design | Data Analytics | Content Marketing.

• Manages A.I & Automation processes required for daily operations.

• Financial Management & Accounting.



Summary of my competitive advantages & value:

1. My proficiency in various disciplines furnishes an edge pertinent to deep insights in the Tech Industry, which can be leveraged into constructing & administering financial portfolios, dedicated to the Tech Industry with high probability of constant absolute returns.

2. My sophisticated skills in Marketing Research & Data Science empowers the strategic planning of systematically gathering data in an intelligent manner, with the competence of also translating the data prudently, using an evidence-based scientific approach, to implement decisions that constantly translates into absolute positive ROI’s for the supervised asset or portfolio.

3. My competence in Computer Programming, Design of Web Contents, Mobile Apps, High-Definition Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation, positions me as an asset, to assist in the design & creation of proprietary Web Content, Mobile App, HD Graphic Designs or Artificial Intelligence enabled Programs/Software.

4. My expertness in Tech with Software Implementation, empowers me to expertly build required financial models via either Microsoft Office tools, Various programming languages, i.e Python, available office tools, or Proprietary programs.

5. As a seasoned marketer, seeking, implementing, executing & closing business transaction deals with clients, are always completed with a success rate beyond 90%.