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I think it is more important to know who I am, rather than what I have done. I am:

* Innovative, driven and accountable with a bias towards action and a global track record of success
* Focused on new products, new markets and new business based on emerging technologies
* Able to shape strategic direction while rolling up my sleeves to ensure tactical execution

* Adaptable to changing targets and can create order out of chaos
* Part teacher / coach / mentor and lead from the front
* Known for building high performance work teams across the globe
* Equally comfortable navigating the board room and the lunch room
* Focused on the end consumer and the quality of user experience
* Proud of my professional experience, accomplishments and reputation
* I like most people, all dogs, classic cars and Napa Valley Cabernets

Specialties: Product Development, Product Management, Product Marketing, Corporate and Brand Management, Strategy, and Business Development.